Conference on “Waste Biomass for Local Sustainable Development: a Case Study in Kenya”



  • Opening address

Antonello Folco Biagini – President Fondazione Roma Sapienza
Fabrizio D’Ascenzo – Rector of the Economics Department at La Sapienza
Carlo Giovanni Cereti – Delegate of the Rector for International Cooperation
Sergio Barile – Director of the Management Department at La Sapienza

  • Introduction

Giuliana Vinci – Project Coordinator

  • Session I

Chair: Fabrizio D’Ascenzo
Pier Luigi Petrillo – “Economia circolare e sviluppo sostenibile. Profili giuridici comparati”
Jamin M. Masasabi – “Renewable energy–biomass: Potential, policy and legal framework in Kenya”

  • Session II

Chair: Marco Cilento
Willice O. Abuya – “Woodfuel to waste-biomass energy?: Re-visiting the energy ladder theory amidst rural poverty and environmental contestation in Kenya”
Paolo De Filippis – “Uso di biomasse per la produzione di energia in contesti rurali”

  • Session III

Chair: Alessandro Vagnini
Eric Masese Rosana – “I cannot eat other peoples’ human dung”. Everyday sociological construction of biogas energy from human waste”
Martina Musarra – “Innovation Technologies and biomass processing to facilitate the energy access in rural communities. Analysis of Kenyan municipalities”

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